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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

Feb 13, 2023

This week I was excited to welcome my friend and fellow podcaster Linda Bucher to #mikedup for an incredible conversation about the transformative power of finding your purpose and changing your outlook. Linda is a business mentor and a Master Certified Life Coach who has inspired hundreds of people to find their best selves and transform their outlooks while getting in touch with their deeper purpose in life. Linda shares her experience of becoming a conscious expander who connects with many elements of her life and passions while sharing some techniques for synthesizing these passions to help others. 

Just a few years ago Linda’s life looked great from the outside, but inside she felt unfulfilled, tethered, uncertain, and stuck in a career that wasn’t fulfilling, and in a marriage that had more downs than ups. Linda says she felt disconnected from who she was, doing things she didn’t want or like to do – and believing she had to live with things as they were. Deep down inside Linda was hungry for something more and even though she didn’t know what that something more was at first she grew to believe that change was possible. The more determined Linda was to find it, and find it she did!

Today Linda lives a life of her own design: running a business she loves, working with wonderful clients, and is “beautifully entangled” with the man of her dreams. Linda is cultivating easy family relationships and waking up with an attitude of gratitude, each and every day at her home in Buffalo, New York. 


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