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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

Feb 27, 2023

Mike Millner joins the show for an eye-opening conversation on improving your health, your relationship with yourself, and how to accomplish your fitness goals by focusing on the most important factor, mindset! Mike breaks down why defining our actions, habits, routines, and values are crucial for mastering our mindset and why overcoming our struggles with personal discipline is key for transforming not only our body, but our overall self-image and lifestyle.

Mike shares a variety of tips on leadership, business, personal values and overcoming adversity while candidly sharing his own struggles with fitness and body image. This is a must listen for anyone looking to gain key tools and insights on taking those crucial first steps towards better health and fitness and maybe more importantly, mental clarity and resolve. Mike shares the importance of evaluating your individual mental, physical, and emotional needs while developing a fitness routine. Listeners will also make connections between their unique dietary and physical needs and how many “fad-diets” don't take these needs into consideration. 

In addition to the physical aspect of diet and exercise, Mike also addresses the importance of discipline in both your mindset and your workout routines and how that same mindset of passion and persistence is ported over to your business or entrepreneurial ventures. Mike & Mike also share stories about what you can learn by putting yourself In uncomfortable situations that require thinking outside the box and trying out new skills. 

This is an inspiring conversation centered on purpose and passion packed full of great insights, vulnerability, and personal experiences. 


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