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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

Mar 13, 2023

Kyle Livingston joins the show to share and reflect on his incredible journey of adversity, entrepreneurship, and persistence. Kyle has a truly inspirational story that begins before he was even born and spans a life of both incredible highs and devastating lows.

From being left at a yard sale as a 12 week old baby, to grappling with the blessings and challenges of adoption, to losing $160k of his own money in a failed company, Kyle knows what both fear, failure, and freedom feels like, tastes like, and smells like. Despite the many challenges that Kyle was dealt, he did not let his circumstances determine his altitude in life. From the lessons he learned, Kyle has since built three 7 figure brick and mortar companies and helped turn nine companies who were in total chaos into wildly profitable models of entrepreneurial rigor. 

Today Kyle is a Business Consultant and Coach helping others transform their businesses by sharing the lessons and sales strategies that he has learned in his intensely driven and performance based career thus far. Kyle is still young but he brings the insights, wisdom, and battle scars of a seasoned veteran to his coaching and consultation work with Visionary Vitals. Listeners will discover his vision of seeing beyond hustle culture by learning how to both understand their own zone of genius and then teach others how to activate that flywheel of freedom.


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