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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

May 1, 2023

This week Mike welcomes his friend of over 25 years Jon Beebe to the show for a reflective and inspirational look at how transitioning into a full-time entrepreneur after 14 years in ministry has changed his mindset but not his mission. Jon is a husband, father of three girls, traveler, and entrepreneur with a passion for living and working in ways that allow him to engage more with those he loves and the things he loves.

Jon and his wife Lauren founded Beebe's Bargains, an online affiliate marketing company that saves people time and money by finding the best deals on everyday products. In recent years the business has seen exponential growth, saving their community hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly on everyday products. Jon is also the founder of Beebe Travel, a travel resource company that teaches people how to get the most out of their travel experiences while still sticking to a budget.

Both Beebe’s Bargains and Beebe Travel were founded with the purpose of building and enriching communities who share the same values for loving family and loving others. In this hour Jon shares how the relationship driven aspects of his businesses have served as a north star for him and Lauren and how their commitment to community has empowered stay at home moms and dads to both supplement their income while making more informed consumer choices. In addition to sharing about the origins of his businesses Jon also shares some of the key principles of leadership and community building that have enabled Beebe’s Bargains to amass 60,000 members within the group while still growing. By focusing on success through service Jon demonstrates how the entrepreneurial journey can be achieved even during times of uncertainty.

In addition to incisive leadership and business advice Mike and Jon also explore Jon’s passion for travel and following his hometown Buffalo Bills all over the country. Jon explains how the ability to monetize what you love in this modern age can allow for more emphasis on getting out and pursuing the things that you love while still keeping an eye on your business. This faith, family, and freedom loving approach towards life are at the heart of this conversation that will surely inspire anyone who is concerned about changing their career without changing their character. 


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