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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

May 22, 2023

This week we take a deep dive with serial entrepreneur, fitness specialist, and plant-based food pioneer, Howard "Howie" Panes! He shares his passion for healthy living, plant-based foods for kids, fitness, and building a scalable business.

Howie is the co-founder of Mighty Yum, a plant-based substitute for Lunchables that provides kids with healthy, quick, and tasty meals. His mission is to curate ingredients with such great flavors that you wouldn't even believe it's plant-based. (I ordered them for my daughter…and I have been sneaking a few for myself…I can say they’ve earned their name, MIGHTY YUM!)

Howie affirms the importance of proper nutrition for children's development, cognition, and health. He also shared his personal business philosophy through the "HOWIE" acronym: Health, Originality, Work, Innovation, and Energy. Which is no surprise, as Howie is the inventor of Stealth Core Trainer, a revolutionary fitness product and tech platform that transforms fitness into fun, entertaining games with an aim to make exercise enjoyable, engaging, and a rewarding experience instead of a boring, monotonous chore.

With a track record of scaling an e-cig business to 100M+ in sales in its first 18 months, and earning the nickname “Billion Dollar Brand Builder” I made sure Howie shared his insights and top factors that it takes to successfully scale a business. 

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