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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

Jan 6, 2020

For nearly two decades, Jonathan Masiulionis has been helping creatives, entrepreneurs, and entertainers cross the country promote their talents and expand their audiences. His ability to highlight the best of what an artist brings to the table is uniquely exceptional. With the power of enthusiasm and determination, Jonathan is a seasoned professional at taking ideas and turning them into realities. As a publicist for inspirational, spiritual, and children’s authors, Jonathan understands the challenges that aspiring and rising artists face, as they step out in faith and follow their own paths of service. He uses his networking savvy, well-developed organizational skills, and powerful positive energy to promote and establish name recognition for all of his clients. A true partner in promotion, Jonathan empowers his clients with the personal attention and dedicated support they need to fulfill their dreams and expand the reach of their work. Jonathan currently resides in Buffalo, NY, but is following his heart in moving to San Diego, California next year, to begin his next steps, which includes  opening a children’s hospice for terminally-ill children in La Jolla.