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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

Dec 2, 2019

Born and raised in Lakewood, NJ Robert has always had a profound love for adventure.  Working with his father as an electrician and engineer, Robert learned from a very young age what the word "work" meant.  Always being interested he developed an interest in cameras.  Since 8 years old cameras, photography, aesthetics, interested him. Fast forward 23 years later, Robert now runs two successful companies, the first is the media production company Syslo Ventures, LLC which specializes in media production, digital video, web design, and graphic design.  The second is Interview Blueprint an online digital training course for anyone struggling to get a job.  Having worked around entrepreneurs for the previous 6 years, Robert decided it was time to develop his own company and help people the way he has always aspired to do so.  He has traveled the world as far as China and Latin America, the Caribbean and all across the US, starting in New York City where he interned for Micheal Mailer Films.

He's worked with Grant Cardone recently and now has hundreds of clients across the world, helping them develop their stories and share that story online.  In 2007, he was an early adopter on YouTube, when the platform started to take off.  For the last 16 years Robert is at the forefront of his industry and has changed digital video to become exciting, enthralling and most of all interesting to an audience.