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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

May 29, 2023

Carla is on a mission to ignite possibility and equip you with the mindset and toolset to create meaningful, productive, and fulfilling lives!

By applying these tools over the past 2 decades, Carla has innovated and created a fulfilling life of her own, including a whole, loving, growing, thriving marriage of 20+ years. She’s raised two kind, independent, resilient young men; she found her love for journaling, and launched her first company, Sanity Journals, in 2005.

In this episode of #MikedUp, Carla and Mike reflect on their own journeys through divorce and doubt. They share mindfulness techniques and daily practices that have helped them confront negativity and regain a sense of gratitude. Carla also shares how journaling has helped her and her clients in many ways, and emphasizes the value of living for TODAY rather than someday!

If you loved this episode, check out Carla’s podcast called Differently, where she shares her wisdom and inspires everyday risk-taking. You may even recognize her guest from April 6th :)


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