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MIKE'D UP! with Mike DiCioccio

Nov 21, 2022

Rachel Jenks is...The Brand Boss. With more than 23 years in Marketing and Communications, Rachel’s passion is empowering business owners to OWN your difference and rock your brand like a Boss.

Trust comes before transactions. When you create an authentic experience, you build an unstoppable brand.”

Her off-the-beaten-path career journey has spanned multiple roles in various countries, four cities, and three states – including professional ballet, event production, business strategy, national and international public relations, design, communications, and marketing.

She’s had the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes and industries to amplify the power of their brands through brand strategy, consulting, brand development and design, UI/UX, multi-media, advertising, marketing, live event production, e-learning, 3D animation, video, photography, and art direction.

Rachel is also the host of The Brand Boss Show podcast and YouTube channel, an author, and an in-demand public speaker.

When not in the studio, Rachel can be found hiking the Colorado mountains, playing in her kitchen, or being “supervised” by her Studio Managers, Podcat and Lady Podcat.


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